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Doctors Ontario welcomes Craig Bromell on board
as its new chief negotiator and advisor

(May 13, 2013, Toronto, Ontario) – Dr. Douglas Mark, President of the Coalition of Family Physicians and Specialists of Ontario (COFPS) and Interim President of DoctorsOntario (DO), today welcomed Craig Bromell, President of the Building Union of Canada (BUC), on board as the organization's new chief negotiator and advisor. The plan, according to Dr. Mark, is for Mr. Bromell to head up the negotiating team for physicians during any future negotiations. In the meantime, the former head of the Toronto Police Association will assist DoctorsOntario in its efforts to build up the new organization's membership over the next few years, as well as beginning the massive undertaking of organizing the province's 25,000 physicians.

"We're very excited to be able to make this announcement today," Dr. Mark said. "Craig Bromell is a legend in the world of unions and negotiating. We feel very fortunate that he has agreed to work with the doctors of Ontario in hopes of improving our situation.”

Mr. Bromell brings a wealth of union and negotiating experience to the table. In addition to serving as the president of the Toronto Police Association from 1997 to 2003, he also sat on the board of directors of the Canadian Police Association and the National Professional Police Association. During his highly successful and oft times controversial run as head of the powerful police union in Toronto, Mr. Bromell was frequently contacted by unions across North America who wished to benefit from his leadership skills and bold persona. After spending the last few years as a media personality, Mr. Bromell has recently returned to the world of union organizing and negotiating, serving first as a consultant to the Christian Labour Association of Canada, and since April of 2012, as the president of the Building Union of Canada.

“To be honest, I was initially reluctant when Dr. Mark approached me," Mr. Bromell said. "However, after meeting with him and other representatives of DoctorsOntario, I've come to realize that physicians are in dire need of professional help — especially at the negotiating table."

Mr. Bromell went on to say that while he believes the doctors' current representative, the Ontario Medical Association, has tried its best on behalf of its members, the results of the past decade have clearly been disappointing for physicians and patients. Dr. Mark agreed with that assessment, saying physicians can no longer afford to simply stand by and passively watch the dismantling of our healthcare system.

"It's become obvious to us after the last round of negotiations," Dr. Mark said, "that politicians need physician input right from the start in order to come up with viable, lasting solutions. Adding Craig Bromell to our team levels the playing field and dramatically changes the nature of the conversation."

The Coalition of Family Physicians and Specialists of Ontario (COFPS) is an independent and voluntary organization for all Ontario physicians. Since 1996, it has been protecting the rights of medical doctors and their patients by promoting sustainable healthcare practices that safeguard accessibility and the highest standards of medical care. The Coalition will be rebranded as DoctorsOntario (DO) sometime this fall, when a new board and president will be elected by its members. For more information, please visit its website at

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